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Not so long ago I started describing myself as having a high sunshine quotient  It isn't a term that I was even familiar with, yet I could feel it in me. It is a term typically referring to lighting gradients in photography and radiology. I haven’t found references to people having sunshine quotients, yet I believe that we have them. You know when you just can't wait to meet or see someone, or, when you can't steer clear of someone (or the thought of them) fast enough.


The lighting outside is always changing, depending on the position of the sun and what tree you’re sitting under, or what building you’re walking by. The sunshine quotient that strikes me as referring to people comes from within the person. It’s a radiance, a vibrancy, or lack thereof, that is evident when looking at someone.  How much fire do they have inside? Is it a warming fire or a raging fire? Is it a peaceful light that emanates from them?


There’s a radiance, or not, at whatever level of lighting that person is at.  I believe that it’s akin to a positivity quotient, though when I explain sunshine quotient to someone, it causes a more visceral reaction, creates a more keen self awareness, it's almost as if it's a tangible realization, and almost instantaneous. Something to work with!


I believe that a person's sunshine quotient can be adjusted, just as a photographer changes the lighting for different subjects in different settings, or at different times of day. It’s a personal choice. It’s how a person chooses to be. Everyone faces challenges and obstacles and tragedies. Yet how a person chooses to respond to and deal with situations is their choice. Our choices reflect our lighting choice, our sunshine quotient. I believe that understanding the sunshine quotient makes it easier to make those choices. 

YOU'VE GOT NURSE® uses the sunshine quotient, it's hallmark, as one of the strategies with clients to help restore a sense of vibrancy, a resonance, within them. It gives a person a target to strive for. Things are always changing. A true satisfying vibrancy means keeping up with those changes and creating an ever-changing new life that encompasses things that a person is passionate about. Focusing on interests and aptitudes, what brings them pleasure, and not just problems, typically brings solutions, or at the very least, graceful acceptance to difficult situations. 


It’s always an adventure. I recently completed the NYC Certificate Program of Applied Positive Psychology. And at my tender young age. Yet I want to learn as much as I can, not only to shine brighter, but to engage with others that understand the same, even if they describe it in different ways.


Sunshine illuminates you. It warms you. It enlightens your perspective. It's fun. It's contagious. Feel it forward. 

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